you gotta be kidding me…

So, I was looking around, wondering if I should be moving my blog to Blogger.

See, I used to be a Blogger subscriber, but when I decided to start a blog I did some research and everybody was saying how much better WordPress is.

The thing is, no one told me how freaking fussy it is to follow and read other blogs on WordPress.  While on Blogger all I have to do is press “Follow”, on WordPress you have to go to “Manage my subscriptions” which takes aaages to load, and then copy and paste whatever link it is you want.  And then “Read my subsciptions” also takes ages to load.

I much preferred Blogger because there are so many wonderful blogs out there I want to keep up with, in an easy comfortable manner!

So I log on to Blogger, trying to see if I’ll do this thing, and I find out that both “thehouseofy” or “houseofy” are not available!!!  Actually, both seem to be taken up by some lovely ladies with ..male children.  I kid you not, one of them has 2 boys and the other has 3, or something like that.  Maybe it’s the same one who in the meantime had another male child, because the posts seem sort of apart, time-wise.  Weird.  Anyway.

So yeah.  I’m frustrated!  What do you think I should do?  Stick with WordPress?  Move on to Blogger and find another name?  What kind of name?!  Help!!!



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