you gotta be kidding me…

So, I was looking around, wondering if I should be moving my blog to Blogger.

See, I used to be a Blogger subscriber, but when I decided to start a blog I did some research and everybody was saying how much better WordPress is.

The thing is, no one told me how freaking fussy it is to follow and read other blogs on WordPress.  While on Blogger all I have to do is press “Follow”, on WordPress you have to go to “Manage my subscriptions” which takes aaages to load, and then copy and paste whatever link it is you want.  And then “Read my subsciptions” also takes ages to load.

I much preferred Blogger because there are so many wonderful blogs out there I want to keep up with, in an easy comfortable manner!

So I log on to Blogger, trying to see if I’ll do this thing, and I find out that both “thehouseofy” or “houseofy” are not available!!!  Actually, both seem to be taken up by some lovely ladies with ..male children.  I kid you not, one of them has 2 boys and the other has 3, or something like that.  Maybe it’s the same one who in the meantime had another male child, because the posts seem sort of apart, time-wise.  Weird.  Anyway.

So yeah.  I’m frustrated!  What do you think I should do?  Stick with WordPress?  Move on to Blogger and find another name?  What kind of name?!  Help!!!



Hair Removal Vol.2: Epilating


–          Same smooth results as waxing.

–          Equally long lasting.

–          Inexpensive (I’ve had my epilator for over six years now, it has saved me a ton of money! It’s a one from Braun, my mother has a Remington one but I prefer mine.)

–          Not messy.

–          Doesn’t touch the skin, so won’t strip off your tan.



–          The mere sound of it scares the heck out of people.

–          Painful, but I got used to it with time.

–          If you have a problem with ingrown hair, this will definitely aggravate it.

–          Time consuming if you want to get every little hair, and most of us do.






–          If ingrown hair are a problem for you, then regular exfoliating and moisturizing of the skin will reduce them.

–         Some epilators come with little massage heads or ice packs attached to them to reduce the pain.

–         Others can be used in the shower but I wouldn’t recommend them, as being in the shower doesn’t let you be thorough and remove every little hair.

Do we need to apologize for being female & feminine?

I don’t know about you ladies, but this is a subject that troubles me now and then.  See, I was a tomboy for many many years, until I was 20 or so, and had never realized this.  I had never realized how society makes you apologize for being feminine.

I am a woman who works hard, in a very competitive field.  I am just as good as most of my male colleagues.  Yet I notice, that to be respected the same, I need to hide the fact that I am female, and a female that likes to embrace her femininity.

So, please, explain these to me:

Why can a man flaunt his beard, a purely masculine characteristic, while I have to hide any hint of breasts, which is a purely feminine characteristic?

Why can men get all excited about sports (which in psychology is actually considered a fixation on immature behavior) but women can’t talk about nail polish & lipgloss without getting weird what-a-bimbo looks?

Why is a man with a ridiculously expensive car considered successful, while a pair of Louboutins are vain?

Why can a man read about sports everyday and be damn proud of it, but I should “fail to mention” the fact that I read beauty blogs?

Why is it, that in order to be taken seriously and be judged equally, I have to constantly hide the fact that I am feminine?

Forgive me gentlemen, but I have yet to read a study that proves that having facial hair makes you intelligent, and wearing lipstick makes you stupid.

Olay Review

Hello, ladies! How have you been?

Skincare review again here! Read on if you ‘re interested!

I’ve been using these two Olay products for the past two months. You all know Olay don’t you?  Used to be really high-end I think, now it’s really affordable. I think these two products were around 10 euros each!  They still have a pretty good reputation, but let’s see…

The one is a night cream called “Olay complete night – night enriched cream”.  It’s supposed to have all the nice and rich ingredients your skin needs to regenerate itself while you ‘re curled up in bed.  This product has a nice clean smell to it, nothing that bothers me, and I’m pretty particular about smells.  It doesn’t smell “old-lady-ish” even though Olay has that kind of tag following it around.  It has a rich, but not oily texture, which leaves my skin feeling quite sumptuous before bed.

What I don’t like about it is that it’s so rich, it sometimes breaks me out.  Not humongous zits, but small whiteheads that clear up until the next day. Now, my skin is pretty oily, so it’s probably not the product’s fault.  On the other hand, not many products have this effect on me, so I will probably not be getting this again.

The second product is an eye cream – “Olay Age Defying Eye Gel”.  It is a completely clear product, so much so that when I first opened the packaging I thought the jar was empty!  This feels very very refreshing around my eyes.  I do feel a sort of pulling sensation as it starts to dry, but not in a bad way.  As if this was doing a “mini-lift” around my eye area, does that make any sense?  I can’t detect any smell to this.

All in all, it’s not an absolute favorite, but I think it’s a good value for money product.  Especially when I compare it to the “Clinique All About Eyes” eye cream.  I usually get along nicely with Clinique products but this stuff made my eyes so freaking itchy, I wanted to scratch my skin off.  (Eww)  It created more wrinkles than it prevented, me thinks.  (I’m giving you the evil eye, Clinique).




Have you any good eye creams to recommend?  Please do.


Greek Islands

The islands of Greece are one of the big loves of my life.

The serenity of them is like nothing else in the world.

Everything smells better, tastes better, feels better, under the hot sun and the salty breeze of a Greek island…

I’m going to be spending this summer in the US, and I know I will sorely be missing my beloved Greece.


The Dreamy Island of Skopelos


Have you ever visited Greece and its islands?  Which one?  Did you enjoy it?

If you haven’t yet, then you most certainly have to.



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