Blixz Nail Foils

Warning:  If you are one of those people that hates looking at toes, then look away now.  Because I’m about to show you my tootsies.




So, Blixz are these sticker foil thingies that you stick on your nails, then you file off the rest of the foil at the edge of the nail, and voila!  Pretty nails!

The application is quite easy once you get the hang of it.  The instructions are clear on the package & easy to follow, but if you’re having difficulties there are plenty of YouTube vids you can watch to help you.

They turned out very pretty, if a bit bold for my taste.  I wouldn’t wear this specific black & gold leopard pattern unless I was on vacation, and not on my finger nails, but I would definitely try something more toned town.  I think it’s a great idea over all.

Mine were a gift, but you can find them on amazon and ebay.  I’m not sure if you can get them on their website but check it out

Pics below, last chance to look away if you’re squeamish about toes!!!

BLIXZ - black & gold leopard

my piggies all blixzed

Have you ever tried these?  What do you think?

UPDATE:  A week later, these are as perfect as the first day I put them on!  And I been walking in the sand, jogging, swimming, etc.  Definitely recommend them for a pedicure while on holidays!

UPDATE No.2:  I removed these 12 days later and they were still looking perfect.  One or two had started to lift just a tiny bit at the edges, but that made them even easier to remove.  Soak them in a bit of aceton before you do so.  Good luck blixzing! xxx


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